Erin Wison

Erin Wison

Erin is a multifaceted individual who thrives in various roles, but his favorite is being a dedicated father. Professionally, he has been known as a "used car salesman," a "recruiter," a "talent engineer," and a "talent executive." However, Erin's true passion lies in revolutionizing the recruitment landscape. With an unwavering drive, he aims to reshape the way the world attracts and engages talent. By embracing innovation, candidate-centric approaches, and diversity, Erin envisions a future where recruitment is more efficient, inclusive, and impactful. Together, with like-minded individuals, Erin is committed to transforming the world of recruiting, making a lasting difference for organizations and job seekers alike.

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The state and respect of Talent Acquisition with Erin Wilson

In this episode, Erin Wilson, the visionary CEO and founder of, shares his insights and perspectives on the current state and future of talent acquisition. Eri...

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